AR480 Rotary-thermal-hopper Reclaimer

1. As the first asphalt hopper with whole functions and large capacity, TM480 is capable to load 7000kg asphalt mix all at once. With dual functions of heating and thermostatic, heating cold asphalt chunk to required temperature and preserve hot asphalt are both available.

2. 2 independently-controlled hoppers can be filled with asphalt mixs of 2 gradation, which offers different aggregate sizes for pavement maintenance of different structural depth.

3. Hydraumatic dumping discharge design increases supply efficiency and reducing labor intensity with no required cleaning and maintenance.

4. Fuel supply adopts 3 standard 50kg LPG cylinder, which is a “green” fuel and easy to replace.

5. Ergonomic design of hydraulic lifting platform uses to load and upload auxiliary equipment such as pavement saw and vibratory plate, making more convenience.

6. Asphalt hopper is designed in a lower position to make charging more convenient from asphalt mixing plant.

7. Simple screed is optional to make reduction of uploading labor intensity and improvement of paving quality, which makes AR480 move, discharge and pave in the same time.

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