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HP Policy

Gathering people will make a home while gather homes will make a country. There is nothing more important than employees’ confidence and love for an enterprise.

Therefore, we decide to

Promote the management ideas of “people-oriented”:

Respect employees’ personality

Respect employees’ labor

Respect the individual interest of employees

Pay attention to satisfaction of employees towards their work

Pay attention to creating a harmonious working environment

Pay attention to creating the development opportunity of employees

Pay attention to relieve employees’ working pressure

Pay attention to initiate employees’ activity and creativity

Pay attention to the unity and identification of values to realize the teamwork spirit of teams


Purpose: attract people with actual strength; provide the necessary environment to cultivate people; establish the platform to train people and innovate to help people make accomplishments.

You are warmly welcomed! If you are willing and capable to become a part of us, you will be the inevitable asset for us.

Every member of Freetech should have initiative and creativity. Besides providing a platform for members to represent and develop themselves, members have to work their own way to accomplishment. We know that the contents of a bucket are determined by the shortest board. If the connection between boards is not close, the bucket can’t hold water. Therefore, we not only pay attention to the comprehensive ability of a person, but also attach great importance to the role of teamwork. We truly understand that each member carries his/her important role in the successful operation of the company, and also know the importance of encouraging individuals to give full play to what they are talented in. Besides, we understand the importance to create opportunities for each employee to develop themselves and we fully acknowledge the balance between work and family as well as providing the competitive salary system.

You have every reason to join us:

We offer the environment where employees will be fully satisfied both spiritually and materially

Good enterprise culture and harmonious working environment

Internationally advanced technology and scientific environment

The space to improve professional technique and management ability

Competitive salary and benefits

Sound endowment, unemployment, industrial injury, fertility, medical and social insurance or business insurance

Full democratic communication and communication mechanism

Various technological and management trainings with expenses covered by the company

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