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Founded in 1993 in Hong Kong, Freetech Road Recycling Technology (Holdings) Company Limited (“Freetech”) has been devoted to the research and promotion of hot-in-place recycling technology that recycles asphalt pavement by 100%. At present, Freetech has formed a unique positioning of “road doctor” and developed into a high-tech company integrating material and technology research, equipment research and manufacturing, engineering, and professionals education. Since the establishment of a wholly-funded subsidiary in Nanjing, Freetech has established branches in Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Fuzhou. In June 2013, Freetech went public in the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange successfully, setting up an example for road maintenance industry to list in Hong Kong market. 
By independent innovation, Freetech has made fruitful achievements in pavement maintenance technology and equipment. So far, Freetech has obtained nearly 200 patents, and its hot-in-place recycling train and engineering technology were identified as “internationally advanced ” by China's Ministry of Transport. Freetech has the only Engineering Research Center for Asphalt Hot-in-place Recycling and Engerneering Labratory of Highway Maintenance Equipment of Jiangsu, China. In addition, 2 engineering regulations made by Freetech for hot-in-place recycling engineering have been approved as industrial standards for engineering industry in Jiangsu Province.  
Freetech has also made outstanding achievements in equipment manufacturing and engineering. As the earliest hot-in-place recycling equipment manufacturer in China, Freetech, which products are sold throughout China, has already built systematic and complete road maintenance equipment system. The PM series asphalt pavement recycling patching vehicle is the only hot-in-place recycling equipment recommended by Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Technology Standard, the national industrial standard. It enjoys a large market share. The large hot-in-place recycling train of Freetech also enjoys a leading position in the market in China.
Freetech , also as a well-known and experienced engineering companyin the industry, undertook maintenance projects of Chang’an Street in Beijing, venues of Guangzhou Asian Games, road surrounding Stadiums of Boao Forum for Asia and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, and other major projects in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions.
For promotion and development of the industry, Freetech engages in professionals education and registered Road Doctor College in January 2014, attracting more than 30 top experts as professors in the college, setting up an example for the industry.

During the past 2 decades, Freetech have always been progressive and hard-working, who changes the industrial pattern with efforts. In the future, Freetech will adcance continuously to achieve the goal of “introducing Freetech products and services to every high-class roads and municipal roads”!

About "4 in 1"

Business of Freetech is "4 in 1" of material and technology research, equipment research and manufacturing,  engineering, and Road Doctor College.

The "4 in 1" is a necessary condition for Freetech to be “Road Doctor” and the prerequisite to develop effective solution.

Business mode of "4 in 1" helps Freetech to maintain a leading position in the industry. It always brings the best experience for users with the most advanced hot-in-place recycling technology.

About "Road Doctor"  

Research and Diagnostic

The powerful R&D ability of Freetech in road maintenance technology helps to investigate and detect the road defects with rigorous effective solution, hence repairing the road defects accordingly.


Equipment Manufacturing Department is able to transfer the achievements of R&D Department into productivity, and provide the most advanced hardware to support technology and engineering, which further guarantees the quality.


The Engineering Department, user of the equipment, can provide feedback to the Equipment Manufacturing Department and R&D Department at the first time, which helps them get the actual demand of clients and provide the most proper equipment and technology.

Post-Cure Service

Regularly detection , review, data measurement and maintenance advice are provided by Freetech QA Department for Post-Cure Service.

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