CM430D Asphalt Pavement Crack Sealer

1.CM410D Asphalt Pavement Crack Sealer is equipped with sealant kettle, engine, heater, material bump, stirrer, heating hose, hydraulic lifting platform and lifting device.

2.With stirrer in the material tank, the material can be heated evenly. The stirrer is driven by hydraulic motor, which is easy to maintain.

3.LED digital controller is designed to make precise temperature setting of the material, heat transfer fluid and electrical heating hose.

4.Sealer and tool box is 2 in 1 design with large storage space for tool and sealant loaded.

5.Ergonomic design of hydraulic lifting platform uses to load and upload auxiliary equipment such as pavement saw and vibratory plate, making more convenience.

6.Crack seal gun and hose is heated by DC 24V, making safety operation.

7.Unique heating system of crack seal hose is clog-free and smooth discharging designed.

8.CM430D is the most compact, flexible and functional crack sealer on the market.

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