RM6000 Recycler

1.RM6000 Recycler has functions of pavement heating, adding rejuvenating agent, scarifying and leveling. It is the key equipment in Freetech repaving hot-in-place recycling train, which is widely used in asphalt pavement repaving project.

2.Assembled by tractor and semi-trailer unit of working mechanism, RM6000 is a mobile and flexible vehicular unit that can drive and move in&out fast. After arriving the recycling site, RM6000 switches to hydraulic driven at a stable speed for pavement heating, scarifying and rejuvenating agent spraying.

3.RM6000 with 2 sets of intermittent radiant heating panels ensure that adequate heating temperature and depth while avoiding overheating or aging.

4.RM6000 scarifies and mixes the soften material to 4~5 cm by rakes of multiple-unit & row. The rakes drag over existing structures to avoid damage to aggregate gradation, and over manholes during municipal works besides.

5.Automatic rejuvenating agent spraying system ensures even spraying.

6.The material-leading installation and screed of RM6000 can make hydraulic stepless adjustment.

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