RM6800 Recycler

1.RM6800 Recycler, the key equipment in Freetech remixing hot-in-place recycling train, has functions of pavement heating, scarifying, adding rejuvenating agent and hot asphalt.

2.RM6800 with 2 sets of intermittent radiant heating panels ensure that adequate heating temperature and depth while avoiding overheating or aging.

3.RM6800 scarifies and mixes the soften material to 4~5 cm by rakes of multiple-unit & row. The rakes drag over existing structures to avoid damage to aggregate gradation, and over manholes during municipal works besides.

4.RM6800 is a semi-trailer unit that can be towed by tractor for fast drive and move in&out. While arriving the recycling site, RM6000 is towed by TR168 track tractor to ensure stable speed.

5.According to width and depth of recycling pavement, RM6800 calculated out the optimum ratio  of rejuvenating agent and the adding amount is self-regulated depending on recycling speed.

6.RM6800 sprays rejuvenating agent accurately and evenly by electrically-controlled spin-cup spreading system.

7.RM6800 can also apply hot asphalt according to the demand analysis by electrically-controlled hot bitumen spraying system that can be accurately controlled according to the change of demand. And the thermostatic control system keeps bitumen temperature.

8.Self-leveling system of RM6800 which makes pavement recycling depth of the left and right sides by auger conveyor 

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