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Freetech Patching Vehicle Entered into Taiwan New Taipei City and Was Praised by Mayor Zhu lilun

In order to maintain road quality and durability of hole repair, the Maintenance Office of New Taipei City Government

introduced FreetechHot-in-Place recycling technology, known as the "Road Doctor", forroad repair and maintenance.

It can save half of the time with excellentdurability and fast operation. Mayor Zhu Lilun was satisfied with the repair

effects of the demonstration project on December 19. Besides, the Kaohsiung city council has already negotiated with

New Taipei City to initiate a demonstration project in Kaohsiung and expected its use throughout Taiwan in the future.

According to the Maintenance Office, Freetech Hot-In-Place Patching Vehicle is featuring the state-of-the-art technology

and excellent performance, which has been widely applied on road defect repair. By adopting this advanced Hot-In-Place

technology, the product is characterized with great efficiency, highly flexible and much faster characters compared with

other road repair equipment.

As Zhu Lilun said, potholes and rough roads have always been criticized by the public. In the past, it required to completely

mill and repave the lanes. But with the new product featuring high efficiency, environmental-friendly and excellent quality,

all can be done in one time. New hot mix can be added over the old materials to realize renewed pavement without

any obvious intersections, resulting in excellent durability.

According to the Maintenance Office, milling and re-paving are adopted for traditional road maintenance, which is

time-consuming, requires a large amount of manpower and resources for machine and tools mobilization, and

generates abundant asphalt concrete wastes, which may result in dust, exhaust, noise and other environmental problems

and traffic disruption.

The Maintenance Office emphasized that the Hot-In-Place Patching Vehicle can be used to heat and scarify the sites with

potholes or cracks on the road surface and then add, level and compact the new materials for recycling. During operation,

only one lane has to be closed temporarily. The whole repair task only takes 25 to 30 minutes, which is fast and efficient.

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Freetech Hot-In-Place Patching Vehicle working in New Taipei City

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