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Direction of the subject

Main courses


Civil and Environmental Engineering

1. Outline of environmental science;

2. Layout of road environment and management;

3. Engineering materials;

4. Construction of road projects;

Granted with certificate

Machinery design and R&D for road construction and maintenance

1. Basics of machinery design;

2. Machinery materials;

3. Machinery and manufacturing technology ;

4. Control project;

5. Design and discussion of maintenance machinery;

Granted with certificate

Road maintenance and enterprise management;

1. Managerial economics;

2. Accounting;

3. Marketing management;

4. Business cases seminar;

5. Seminar of industry policies;

Granted with certificate

Research and application of recycling technology

1. Hot in-place recycling theory;

2. Composite recycling technology theory;

3. Engineering materials;

4. Road material recycling;

Granted with certificate

Road maintenance and construction management

1. Organizational behavior;

2. Engineering management;

3. Road and bridge construction code;

4. Construction practice of road project

Granted with certificate

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