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① Road Detection and Evaluation

· Road detection service

Comprehensive detection car: inspect the flatness, rutting, structure depth, damage index and so on

Deflection detection vehicle: detection the deflection value of road

Friction factor detection vehicle: inspect the horizontal force coefficient in the road

· Detection of material trial

Take the core on the spot: detection of road structure, problems progress and interlayer status as well as level of interlayer shearing resistance and compactness etc.

Indoor experiment: evaluation of the original mixture performance, asphalt and regeneration of mixture test, mixing proportion design of regenerated asphalt

② Maintenance Planning Service

· Decide the maintenance time 

Determine the control point of each indication and decide the right time of road maintenance

· Choose the road to be maintained

Choose the road to be maintained based on detection results and maintenance fund

· Recommend technical plan

Recommend the best maintenance plan based on road problems, detection results and maintenance goals

③ Technical Support

· Design maintenance plan

Determine the maintenance plan by tests based on maintenance requirements and detection results

· Guide for technical procedures

Conduct real-time follow-up during the maintenance work to spot and handle problems in time (adjust the plan, change materials, and etc.)

· Performance follow-up service in later period

Inspect the engineering quality and follow up the condition of the road afterwards

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