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“Road Doctor” Appreciated by Maoming Authorities

“Road Doctor” has cured the square in front of the city council headquarters of Maoming, named as “Eastern Hawaii”


“Road Doctor” working in “Eastern Hawaii”


The original carriageway was made of 8 cm of AC-25C and 4 cm of AC-13C asphalt concrete. Due to instability of materials, road defects like cracks, ravelling, and potholes showed up.


“Road Doctor” conducted pre-works investigation to evaluate the types and causes of road distresses. In order to enhance the stability of materials and extend the life span of pavement, the Hot-in-place Surface Recycling method was adopted with paving additional 2 cm of AC-13 modified asphalt concrete.

Comparison before and after repair


Since there are governmental official buildings along the road, it is important to have smooth traffic in the region. The Hot-in-place Recycling Train occupied only single lane during the works at speed of 4-6 m/min. The modular design of equipment enabled the move-in and move-out by trailer trucks within 30 minutes, which waived the risk of congestion and traffic safety.


The region concerned has roundabout, which is difficult for traditional road works. “Road Doctor” could resolve this bottleneck by using “Helix” work path. By single lane occupation and speedy cycle time, it gave perfect repair performance without weak interfaces among the patches and lengthy traffic disruption.


Hot-in-place Recycling Train Working at Roundabout

The Hot-in-place Recycling Train fully reutilized of original pavement materials. Therefore, it did not need to take the waste materials out and save a lot of virgin asphalt mix. There is no crushing of aggregate which did not generate noise and dust. It was appreciated by the owners and the authorities.

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