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Hot-in-place recycling technology, representative for cyclic economy, shows the direction for road maintenance industry. As a founder and leader of this industry, Freetech more resources to promote hot-in-place recycling technology better and faster throughout China, which is the direction Freetech strive for. 

Meanwhile, traditional maintenance enterprises with rich local resources are confronted with choices of how to introduce advanced technology and equipment, and how to improvement themselves with current resources under the circumstance of great push of the country in cyclic economy. 

The win-win business mode of Freetech enables partners in different regions to choose the most appropriate mode of cooperation. Freetech will offer technical and management support for partners and utilize local resources of partners fully to push business transformation and enhance the overall level of the industry, thus realizing harmonious and win-win cooperation of the government, enterprises, partners and road users.

Since the win-win mode was initiated in 2010, it blooms flourishingly throughout China. At present, Freetech has established joint-ventures in Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Fujian, Jiangsu, Xinjiang, Guangdong, and etc. In addition, Freetech has established a recycling engineering investment platform with COSCO, Freetech Smart Road Recycling Engineering Investment Limited, making great contribution to industrial development and technical progress.

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